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Mark Krynsky (photo/avatar) Shorties
My tags : account accumulating adb aims alexanderkrynsky amaro ambrosino anand android angeles annual app apple artificial aspects assets autobiography beat better bill bitcoin black blog bots boxee brandon breach building business camera capitalcities change charles chatbot coberly collection company contact create dead death definitive design dies digital discovering document drupal drupalcon entertainment equiso estate estherkrynsky excuses executor exist experience explore facebook factor features feed felton feltron fire fitness forever forum foursquare future game google graveyard grieving gyroscope hdmi health helicopter history home htpc human ideas impact inactive infinitec inside insight instagram instagramapp intelligence ios iphone iphoneography jaclyn jaclynkrynsky kiba lastpass legacy life lifelog lifelogging lifestream lifetime live living location locker login los management manager maps markkrynsky mashup media mining mirror music near nexus nicolas official open our out outdoor password path people personal photo photography plan planning plant plex presence preservation project quantified reach reality record rediscovering report review rise roku save security self service sharma singly sky smart social software someone source sports square squareformat start state streaming sts sxsw sxswi tech technology template text theroxy thoughts tour tracker truekey uploaded username valencia venue vibe video videogamer vision voice web wordpress xbmc xix yes youtube zen

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