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The LiFE2Front network is hosted and owned by Olivier Duprez alias olie ze kat who asserts LiFE2Front, LiFE-Line, Seek-LiNE, and Track-LiNE trademarks.

Copyrights :

  • All rights reserved for UI pictures and source-codes.
  • Any commercial usage of private data is strongly prohibited without the explicit consent of the user.

The LiFE2Front network is regulated by the French law.

Third party API and resources credits :

LiFE2Front products keep third party user & API data during a short time to help troubleshoot potential third party connection failures.

Third party stuffs credits :

Special thanks :

  • Guillaume Belfiore, professional translator.
  • Mark Krynsky and his Lifestream Blog
  • Frédéric Cavazza, famous french blogger and consultant.
  • Each member of - 1st EarlyBirds Battalion - ; Abhi, Alpesh, Antoine, aZZed, Bertrand, Christelle, Christophe, Fred, Florian, Lisa, Louis, Malaiac, Pascal, Raphael, Shamir, and Terababy.